Gale Courses – Marketing

A & B – Posters

C – Brochure

D – Quarter Sheet

E – General Bookmarks

F – Bookmarks Accounting and Finance

F – Bookmarks Business

F – Bookmarks Computer Applications

F – Bookmarks Design and Composition

F – Bookmarks Healthcare and Medical

F – Bookmarks Language and Arts

F – Bookmarks Law and Legal

F – Bookmarks Personal Development

F – Bookmarks Teaching and Education

F – Bookmarks Technology

F – Bookmarks Writing and Publishing

G – Tents

H – Librarian Reference Half Sheets

I & J – Web images

Promotional Materials from Gale [Includes social media post ideas, animated banners, logos, newsletter template, storytelling template]
L_Gale Courses_SocialMediaSampleText_DOCX

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