Help Desk and Service Request Procedures

Please enter your library Help Desk ticket at

If you are not able to e-mail please call (920) 208-4900 ext. 357

Please include the following information:

A. Your name/phone/email

B. Your location

C. Type of problem

D. Description of the problem. Please be as precise as possible. Describe your problem by considering these following items: What are the symptoms of the problem, what are you trying to do, what should have happened, what actually did happen, has the function worked before, have you made any recent changes to the system, such as installing additional hardware/software, can you recreate the problem.

E. Indicate if this is the first report, a repeat request, a continual problem.

During non-regular support hours, if there is any unexpected incident such as power outages, please notify the Monarch Help Desk as soon as possible.