Lost in Guidelines

Monarach Items Lost in Transit
Libraries should first check their own shelves for the missing items that they own.

Libraries should run an “in transit” list bi-weekly, check their shelves for the items and then route them to the appropriate library.

The Library should submit a claim for missing items by the end of the first quarter of the following year. (In 2014 for items missing at the end of 2013).

Based on claims received, the Library System will prorate the reimbursement and make the payment to the library(ies) submitting the claims.

Items Lost in Transit on South Central Van
Check the South Central lost in transit list regularly and check your shelves

To have one of your items placed on the lost in transit list, contact Tim Drexler.Include the following information:
• format
• call number
• author
• title
• barcode number
• owning library
• notes