Monarch Library System IT Support Policy

The Monarch Library System IT Support Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the parameters of the services provided to the Monarch System libraries in the provision technical support of a shared online integrated library system (ILS) and its related services and hardware.

Support Service Hours:
• Regular: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
• After Hours: Libraries requiring assistance for critical support issues should email   after regular service hours.

Support Service Categories
Support requests will be prioritized for follow-up according to the following categories:

• Critical: Problems that affect the entire ILS including, but not limited to: the entire ILS system is not working; significant modules (e.g., circulation, acquisitions, serials, cataloging, Enterprise) are not functioning; the network is down; unexpected incidents that occur outside of regular support service hours, such as power outages; all of a library’s public computers are not working.
• Urgent: Problems relating to secondary functionality issues including, but not limited to: library staff cannot perform a main component of their job; patrons cannot access significant features of the online catalog.
• Routine: Requests for assistance for hardware/software issues that are not determined to be critical or urgent, including, but not limited to: a single computer that is not working properly; a staff member’s email is not working; ILS software problems that do not affect system integrity (i.e., bug reports, intermittent system software errors); software consultation; installation of new ILS software.

Response Time
Requester will receive an initial response to their support requests as follows:
During Regular Support Hours:
• Critical: Within 4 business hours
• Urgent: Within 8 business hours
• Routine: Within 5 business days

After hours:
• Critical: As soon as possible, taking into account the nature of the specific problem.

Once the Help Desk receives a request for technical support, it will be logged, assigned a work order ticket number, and prioritized. Support staff will contact the requester to discuss the problem and provide an estimated time frame for resolving the problem. If resolution of a software issue or an equipment repair is determined to take significantly longer than the original estimate, the requesting party will be notified. A temporary replacement machine may be provided.

Support service procedures
Requests for assistance should be emailed to the Library Help Desk at If unable to email, requesters may call (920) 786-7041.
The request should include all of the following information:

• Requester’s name/phone/email
• Requester’s location
• Description of the problem. Be as precise as possible. Describe the problem by considering these questions:
o What are the symptoms of the problem?
o What were you trying to do?
o What should have happened?
o What actually did happen?
o Has the function worked before?
o Have you made any recent changes to the system, such as installing additional hardware or applying software maintenance?
o Can you recreate the problem?
• Indicate if this is the first report, a repeat request or a persistent problem (i.e., this has been reported and fixed recently)

Annual Review

Directors’ Council shall review this policy annually and make any recommendations for additions or modifications to the Monarch board.
Amendment to Monarch Library System Support Policy

Beginning January 1, 2017 The Monarch Library System will offer IT support to its member libraries for the following services and equipment as described in Appendix A:

➢ Email
➢ Driver level peripheral support
➢ Patron Time Management software service
➢ Web hosting
➢ Antivirus service
➢ Deep Freeze
➢ Group Purchase
➢ Technical Training
➢ Hardware

Adopted by the System Board: DATE HERE
Amended by the System Board: DATE HERE

Appendix A

ILS – All support of the Integrated Library System (currently provided by Polaris) including third party software that is used in conjunction with the ILS

WAN Support – Wide Area Network comprised of the Technology for Educational Achievement (TEACH) data lines and all routers

Email – Office 365 email and system listservs

Driver Level Peripheral Support – Scanners, receipt printers and label printers

Patron Time Management Software Service – Monarch currently supports the Cybrarian and Envisonware shared public computer time management software.

Web Hosting – Monarch provides the option of hosting WordPress websites for its member libraries.

Antivirus Service – Monarch will provide antivirus software and installation discs for member libraries.

Deep Freeze – Monarch hosts and maintains the Deep Freeze patron workstation protection software.

Group Purchase – Monarch will facilitate the purchase of computer related equipment and software?

Training – Monarch will offer training to member libraries in the use of the ILS system and related software.

Hardware – Equipment that supports the ILS and that is less than 5 years old